They just updated their contests page and they are now offering a free ipad for activity on their site. This is a great offer and the chances of winning should be pretty good considering it is a new site, this is very exciting to me and I will be going after it. Click Here to view this incredible offer


Top New Funny Sites of 2010

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

The top new funny website of 2010 is by far Funny Bone World

I am not the owner of this website and they are not paying me to do this, lets get that out of the way right now. I just have recently found this site, it was released in early November 2010 and is already getting hits and I had to blog about it. In fact the site is so good I think I may continue to feature this site on this blog for a long time, just to try to help them grow.

They offer many contests that can earn uploaders cash. Currently they are offering 3 contests, if you are the first to have a video reach 50,000 views, or an image reach 50,000, or a ringtone reach 50,000 you will win $20 gift card. This is a great contest and they promise to eventually give ongoing points for views that can be cashed in for gift cards.

Uploading to the site could not be easier, you can upload videos directly from your hard drive that you have downloaded, or you can upload videos just by inputting the youtube url. Then all you’d have to do to get views is share it on facebook and wa-laa you’ve made cash, just for being an active member. Could you ask for anything else? I don’t think so. You get to enjoy the site and get paid for doing so, there is another site that offers this, maybe you’ve heard of them Ebau… fill in the blanks your self, I’m not going to mention them here because I don’t approve of the way they fired the original creator of the site after they purchased them, yes he’s filthy rich, but they should not have fired him after they purchased it and the site is losing some traffic because of it.

Below is an embedded video from the site, just to share before you visit. This is just a sample of the laughs that can be seen at Funny Bone World check out this evil hamster.

Thats enough for this post, again, Funny Bone World is by far the best new funny web site I’ve found in 2010.